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 Pokemon: Indigo League

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PostSubject: Pokemon: Indigo League   Pokemon: Indigo League Icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2010 8:12 pm

The region of Kanto is was one of the first to harness the power of Pokemon, and document them. This journey began with the young ambitions of Professor Oak. The creation of the Pokedex to record, remember, and present data about any Pokemon the machine came by. It would be shortly after that he would begin providing young trainers with a Pokemon and Pokedex to complete the database of information he began in his youth. The most memorable, where three young children, a young black haired boy who choose Charmander, A young female with brown hair who choose Squirtle, and the Grandson of the Professor himself who choose Bulbasaur. To imagine that these three would spread so much fame and fortune across the nation. The young trainer with the Charmander, soaring above the ranks, gathering each and every gym badge. The girl began dressing her Pokemon in cute attire and entered fashion contests, displaying her style and Pokemon's moves, and the grandson began to bring new links to the Pokedex through his breeding.

During their adventures they would run across one another, and face each other to see how strong they got. Becoming rivals and stronger friends as their journeys deepened. Even revealing a plot by an evil empire named Team Rocket with their control of Pokemon and their thievery. Little did they know that they only had thrown a stone in a lake when they brought to light Team Rockets motives and leader. The organization disbanded. That was five years ago from this day, with the Pokemon trainers who brought light into the darkness no longer around. Having gone beyond the nation of Kanto to strength themselves. Without light to cut through the dark, the underground world began to stir once more. Now the journey is still the same as both boys and girls come to Professor Oak for a Pokemon to begin their journey with. Wither it be by battle, shows, or eggs. Though more then ever badges of capital R's mark black shirts, speak of the fallen organization has begun to arise. Will the trainers of today be able to discover the truth of the rumors? Will the trainers be able to grow beyond their current selves, and grow even stronger then those remembered by time and fame. This is the Indigo League, anything can happen.

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Pokemon: Indigo League
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